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Diamond Strips for Superfinishing.

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KGS Diamond Strips are designed to fit most makes of Superfinsihing machines. Diamond strips are the value for money alternative to diamond film. Strips can be used many times more in comparision to film and achieve constant, predicatable finishes. They are available from 1200mm - 10000mm lengths and can be supplied in a number of diamond patterns. They are supplied on keyed core rolls varying in sizes 50mm, 100mm and 200mm. THIS IS THE VALUE FOR MONEY ALTERNATIVE TO USING DIAMOND FILM ON A SUPERFINISHING MACHINE.

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1. A standard charge of $25 for shipment in Australia and NZ. This charge will exclude Chemicals, Sealers, large Diamond Floor Pads, Cutting Baldes and Heavy Machinery. If you order these exclusion items we will contact you with an accurate freight charge prior to processing your order. 

2. For all sales across Australia and NZ over $200 we will deliver free of charge. This Special Offer Excludes Chemicals, Sealers, large Diamond Floor Padslarge Cutting Blades and Machines.


Superfinishing Strips are long diamond strips supplied with a lead in and lead out tail to use instead of Diamond Film. Diamond film is expensive and the life compared to diamond strips is much less. The KGS Diamond strips are provided on a 50mm/2", 100mm/4" or 200mm/8" keyed plastic core. These cores are designed to fit many superfinishers. APPLICATION: These long strips with tails are used on superfinsihing machines for conditioning Rolls sprayed with hard brittle coatings such as HVOF sprayed carbides and ceramics. Although some rolls require a high refelcetive finish and low Ra values, others require a specific surface roughness for friction grip and or ink retention. During the constant use of these rolls they tend to lose this surface roughness and become polished. Depending on the coating thickness, some rolls can be refurbished many times using diamond strips. Grits/Micron sizes available: Diamond strips are available in 120grit/125 micron, 200grit/74micron, 400 grit.40micron, 800grit/20micron and 1500grit/10micron The 1500grit can achieve a surface finish of 0.05 Ra. Please see the KGS precision catalogue for more detail. Lengths: Strips are available in KGS Flexis dot pattern, KGS Telum interlocking arrow pattern and lower cost Structured Diamond Abrasive. Strips are provided with 1m tails each end and come in diamond length 1,200mm - 10,000mm . With so many options it is important to contact Greg Moran at the KGS Sydney office to discuss your interest and particular requirement.

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