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KGS DIAMOND is the world’s leading manufacturer of flexible diamond abrasives and electrolytically metallised fabrics. Founded in Switzerland in 1952, KGS has 13 sales and distribution offices in Europe, North America, China and Australia as well as four manufacturing sites located in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Hungary and Portugal.

KGS is a technology driven company regularly applying for patents and bringing innovations to the abrasives world. The control of complex technologies such as metallisation of fabrics, electroplating, metal bond and resin bond sintering, moulded resin expertise, spray coating and standard coated abrasives technologies allows for technological synergies and truly unique innovations.

KGS’s business success is rooted in a traditional set of core values which link back directly to its founders some 60 years ago... While products and markets continue to change, the KGS core values have remained the same.


1952 - Natale Ferronato founds Natale Ferronato & Co. with the
           purpose of producing cold bonded quality abrasives near
           Zürich, Switzerland mainly for grinding and polishing
           applications on stone and cast iron.
           From the very first days of operation, Natale Ferronato
           continuously questioned existing methods and relentlessly
           pursued new and innovative processes and products.
           This mind-set and commitment to innovation added value for customers and created
           customer satisfaction that became the heart of the company activity… this
           philosophy continues to drive KGS today.

1962 - Introduction of sintering production methods.

1964 - Sales of first sintered diamond cutting blades in Switzerland.

1970 - Natale Ferronato passes the management responsibility to his
           wife Maryse Ferronato for health reasons

1980 - Sandro Ferronato, today‘s President and CEO, joins the company.

1985 - Rebranding of the company to KGS DIAMOND deriving from the
           German description: “Diamantwerkzeuge für Keramik, Glas und Stein”.
           Diamond Tools for ceramics, glass and stone.
           Distribution of the first Flexible Diamond Abrasives.

1988 - 1997: KGS subsidiaries are founded in The Netherlands, Hungary, France and Spain.

1991 - Acquisition of a diamond tool factory in Budapest / Hungary.

1993 - Creation of a specialised factory for flexible diamond abrasives in Elburg / The Netherlands. 
           First patent for a unique flexible diamond abrasive for wet and dry grinding and polishing
           applications.  Applications on metal and high-tech materials are being developed.

1998 - Acquisition of a fabrics metallisation plant in Châtel-Saint-Denis / Switzerland.

1999 - KGS subsidiary founded in the United Kingdom.

2002 - KGS subsidiary founded in Guangzhou / China.

2004 - Acquisition of WINTER Diamond Tools & Machines Ltd., Germany.

2005 - KGS subsidiary founded in Sydney / Australia.

2006 - Acquisition of Alfred Ernst Müller GmbH in Germany.

2008 - KGS manufacturing plant created in Lanheses / Portugal.

2011 - KGS branch office opened in Stans / Switzerland.

2012 - The latest KGS DIAMOND subsidiary founded in Columbia / SC – USA.

2015 - Specially aimed at the Middle East and North African market, a new branch office opened in Dubai.

2016 - Today, the KGS Group has 13 branches worldwide and is renowned as one of the worlds leading abrasives technology groups.

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